Day 3

Yesterday was not a stellar day on the commitments front. While I did log all my food, I didn’t remain below my calorie goal. I did try to focus on eating only when hungry and then only to the point of satiation. I’ve never focused, intently, on intuitive eating, but I did try to recognize my body’s hunger cues yesterday.

We had a substantial downpour yesterday afternoon that morphed into a misting rain until sundown. Because of that, the dog and I didn’t go for a walk.

Also, I gave in to the craving of something sweet in the evening. I’m surprised that this is a habit that is being so stubborn. I wouldn’t ever categorize myself as a person with a sweet tooth. I very often crave salty snacks. However, I will try, try again.

A major win, yesterday, was not succumbing to the siren song of baked goods that a colleague brought in to the office. There were cinnamon buns and donuts at the printer all day long. Each time I passed by, I gave myself a little pep talk about why I didn’t need to eat them. I’m happy to say that I didn’t give in!

Today, I commit to the same things:

  • logging my food at MyFitnessPal
  • a walk with the dog
  • no dessert after dinner