Each week, I hope to share some of the content and resources I find useful from around the internet. I’ll post these each Friday.

rwI have sort of a love/hate relationship with Runner’s World. I love their printables, which I just found this week, but I dislike their seeming reluctance to use images of “real” runners. Those featured in their magazines seem to be only of the super-fit variety. As a former half marathoner, I’m proof that runners don’t come in only one shape and size.

I ran across this older post from Authentically Emmie about being a true fitness beginner and how to navigate those first days of trying to start a workout plan. Great stuff here! – Ultra Beginners Fitness Guide

fbThis article discussing Subway and the concept of real food and it’s relative unavailability in any sort of convenience food was both eye opening and intimidating. I think many people want to be more aware of the ingredients of the food they eat. There is definitely a sense that many people are interested in “cleaning up” their diet. It’s difficult, though. It’s time-consuming and can be expensive. I’m not saying it’s not completely worth it, but there are real limitations around eating real food. I thought this article was well done, but many of the comments feel overly judgmental.

Finally, I loved this pin I ran across on Thursday. It applies to lots of aspects of life, but it gave me inspiration to be healthier that day.


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