(oops! This post was supposed to go live on September 1!)

I like the idea of a new month to make a fresh start.

My goal is to commit to 30 days of healthful practice. The idea of breaking up a goal works for me. I may want to lose over 100 lbs., but I know it can’t be done in a day, a month, or maybe even a whole year. Instead, I can commit to making the right choices for the next 30 days.

What does that commitment look like?

First, I’m using this great printable from Back to Her Roots to help make September a great, healthy month. There are ideas for great little daily challenges or activities to spice things up. I know from past experiences that dieting and exercise can quickly lead to boring routines that make you feel like you’re in a rut. I like Cassie’s creative ideas to keep things fresh.

Second, I am meal-planning a week at a time. I operate best when I have a plan. Since we are on a tight budget because we only have one income right now, having a plan will serve a dual purpose of controlling costs and ensuring that healthy eating is a priority. My husband isn’t focusing on his diet, strictly, other than wanting to clean it up. As a result, he’s given me a lot of latitude to meal plan. I plan, he’ll prepare. Works for me!

Third, I’m logging my food and activity using MyFitnessPal. I’ll be sharing the details here, too. I’ll be working to fall within the daily calorie goal while also measuring my activity with a heart rate monitor.